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Something Borrowed, Something Blue by bm23 Something Borrowed, Something Blue by bm23
I would like to thank :iconolviolet: for her permission to draw her amazing photo, and :iconthefanaticpoochy: for lending me his DSLR :glomp:

The things that caught my attention when I first saw the photo are the spontaneity of the bride's expression, the genuine happiness that she appears to have and of course, the mesmerizing hair. This is why I've began using mostly dA photos as reference. You can't get such lively photos from celebrities photo shoots.

The drawing has been a great challenge, which I actually sort of welcome, after being away for so long.
1) The hair. For drawings, the thing that makes hair look realistic are the random hair strands that overlay others and the highlight. With graphite pencils, it was a matter of using a sharpened eraser to "draw" the said hair effect. It's a whole different ball game when using color pencils for hair because erasers are pretty much useless at erasing color pencils. Further more, I struggled to recreate the hair color with very limited color pencils. I had 1 pink, 1 orange and 2 light red pencils.
2) The bokeh background. I didn't follow the background in the reference and opted to go for a full bokeh background because I wanted to give the drawing a more dreamy setting, and also because I wanted to see how long I can keep my sanity. Like I said in previous WIP upload, recreating bokeh effect in drawings is just a pain in the butt because it's so complex. It requires very consistent shading for each light layer, if not, it just look like smudges.

I really like how the drawing turned out, but not the uploaded image. I took down my first submission because I realised just how terrible it was. I mean, the image was over sharpened due to the brightness adjustment. However, if I didn't adjust the brightness and contrast, the image would have been much too dark compared to the actual drawing :( This current image is a better representation of the drawing, though I think it can still be better. It's a bit blurry but it does a good job at showing the smooth shading.

Here are the stats:
-2B for outline, 4B, 6B and 8B for shading
-Faber Castell classic color pencils
-A3 Daler Rowney 220g/m2
-Tissue for blending
-More than 50 hours, I guess nearly 60

Hope you guys like it and thanks in advance for any fav. I may receive! :hug:
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February 9, 2013
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